Fresno Race Weekend - by S. Beard

The WCCC weekend was in Fresno and started Saturday with a fast, four cornered crit.  There was a decent turnout for the women’s A race with four riders from Stanford, two from Davis, one from UCLA, one from UCSB, and one from UCSD.  The race had a mild start but the pace quickly amped up as the Stanford women began to attack one after another.  About ten minutes into the race, one break held and consisted of two Stanford, one Davis, and one UCLA rider.   The two separate groups continued to stay broken through the whole race. Near the end, the two Stanford women in the front group had unfortunate crashes and took a free lap before re-entering with eight laps to go. In the final three laps the front group caught the chase group and the race ended in a group sprint with Taylor (Stanford) in first, Julia (UC Davis) in second, and Grace (Stanford) in third.  


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