Conference Championships Race Recap by Megan Bradley

Conference Championships took place this weekend at the University of Nevada, Reno in the high altitude and cold weather. UNR’s fast 8 mile TTT gave teams an opportunity to work together in some chilly conditions. Stanford’s Women’s A team took first place, UCSB won the Women’s B, and UCLA won the Men’s A. UC Davis displayed excellent teamwork on the short course and won the Men’s B as well as Men’s C.

With some small climbs and fast stretches, UNR’s campus criterium also went favorably for UC Davis with a win in the Women’s C by Rachel Baarda and in Men’s C by Jacob Lin. Rachel Geiter (Stanford) took first in Women’s A and teammate Edwin Park also won Men’s D. The Men’s A podium consisted of Robert Pierce in 1st and Ethan Frankel in 2nd, both from UCLA, and Scott Cohen (UC Davis) in 3rd. The Women’s B was won by Samantha Quijano (Mills College) with Danie Monahan in 2nd (UC Berkeley), and Caitlin Maikawa (Stanford) in 3rd.

Painful out-and-backs welcomed racers on Sunday morning for a tough road race. The Men’s A did a whopping 88 miles but it was no match for the podium finishers Ethan Frankel, 1st, (UCLA), Juan Duarte, 2nd, (UC Berkeley), and Nicholas Besse, 3rd, (UCSB). UCLA’s Claire vanEkdom and Maddy Ward were the top two finishers for Women’s A with Katherine Nadler (UCSD) in third. Danie Monahan (UC Berkeley) won the Women’s B race. Charlotte Moffatt (UCSB) took the win for Women’s C. Paul Talma (Stanford) won Men’s B, followed by Aaron Gouw (UC Davis) in second and Eric Dasmalchi (UC Berkeley) in third. Ryan Walker of CSULB took the win for Men’s C. Stanford’s Edwin Park earned the top spot on the Men’s D podium, followed by Mason Witter (UC Merced) in 2nd and Nader Namini Asl (UC Berkeley) in third.


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