Collegiate Road Nationals Continues in Grand Junction - Day Two

The 2017 USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships continued on Saturday in Grand Junction, Colorado with the men's and women's road races. The women started the day off completing three laps of the course for a total of 80km. The men's race followed shortly after with four laps for a total of 106km in distance.

Photo: USACycling | Road Race - leaders completing another lap. Racers stated it was a rough course with cold (snowy) wind.


Women's Road Race - Top 30 Results

9th Place -  Daniela Deschamps (Stanford)
12th Place - Maddy Ward (UCLA)
17th Place - Claire vanEkdom (UCLA)
18th Place - Eleanor Wiseman (UCB)
20th Place - Lillian McCormick (UCSD)
23rd Place - Arielle Little (UCB)
24th Place - Katherine Nadler (UCSD)
26th Place - Jennifer Wilson (Stanford)
27th Place - Patricia Gonzales (Stanford)

Men's Road Race - Top 30 Results

9th Place - Samuel Boardman (UCLA)
13th Place - Leo Yip (UCD)
14th Place - Sam Quinby (UCD)
16th Place - Colin Patterson (Cal Poly SLO)
18th Place - Dominik Cinka (UCSB)
19th Place - Robert Pearce (UCLA)
22nd Place - Rupert Cox (UCLA)
25th Place - Juan Duarte (UCB)
30th Place - Eric Bryan (UCLA)


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